Clamp for ventilation.

High-quality installation of pipe structures is impossible without the use of suitable fasteners. This function is performed by a clamp fixation system and ventilation fasteners, which the company offers a supplier of reliable and durable fasteners in Moscow..

The design features of the clamp for ventilation systems are due to the shape of the element being serviced. Also, to increase the reliability of installation, it is recommended to buy metal products. Clamps for ventilation pipes of different diameters are presented in the Ruskonekt online catalog. In addition, the locking elements differ in thread characteristics..

The installation process using this fastener is facilitated by a convenient mechanism — when making a pipe connection, it is enough to fit two collar flaps and fasten them to each other with screws in the lateral places. This will ensure a reliable and durable fastening of ventilation without unnecessary effort and cost..

Other advantages of metal ventilation clamps:

The material is represented by galvanized steel, which indicates a high degree of protection;

The ability to quickly dismantle without connecting a special tool;

Reusable element;


The Ruskonekt company offers a steel clamp, both at retail and wholesale. If necessary, consultants of the company’s online store will suggest fasteners with the best characteristics for specific requests.