Adjustable beds — people’s reviews

The benefits of adjustable beds seem obvious. This is both convenience and benefits for the back, and the ideal setting of a sleeping place for your own body. Some beds can even be adjusted according to temperature conditions. But it is worth remembering that there are inexpensive beds with a lifting mechanism, and there are expensive models with a lot of functions. Today we will look at the statistics of satisfaction with all these beds..

A few words about beds

Before proceeding with the reviews of people, let’s say a few words about such beds. First, the downside to most custom beds is the poorly regulated return policy. Many models cannot be returned if they do not fit you and it is difficult to return if something is broken. Sometimes they try to return the beds because they turn out to be noisy, but the manufacturers do not consider this a defect. Review all bed descriptions and return policies.

A simple bed with a lifting mechanism (ergonomic bed) is a bed with an adjustable base (in any part of it or in some parts). Additional features may be present. Among them, massage, setting heating or cooling, the ability to control only one half of the bed.

Customized beds are often purchased by people with certain medical conditions, usually reflux. Sometimes there are cheap alternatives to these beds, such as special pillows..

Testimonials from people — research

Below we will discuss people’s reviews of these beds (based on US research), but keep in mind that they relate to bed bases, not mattresses. Mattresses for these beds must be purchased separately.

On a five-point scale, people are satisfied with a four-point lift bed. Of all those surveyed, 93% of those who bought a bed were happy with it, regardless of brands and models. Researchers did not find much difference between the satisfaction of people who bought expensive customizable beds or cheap customizable beds, as long as they knew which model they were buying and what to expect from it..

25% of those surveyed singled out at least one health benefit that their bed gives them. This includes reducing the effects of reflux disease (most people usually buy a bed for GERD), improving health for poor circulation, insomnia, sleep apnea, swollen legs, breathing problems, snoring, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, asthma, neck pain, or back , restless legs syndrome and COPD.

About 30% of buyers reported that they became more comfortable in one way or another (either sleeping or spending time in bed, for example, reading, watching TV, breastfeeding). Some noted that it is easier to get out of such a bed..

Most people rated the health benefits and comfort a 5. But the prices for the bed (whether they were cheap or expensive) were all rated as bad. The durability of the bed was also rated as a deuce, while about 15-20% reported that they had to repair the bed at least once..

Separately, it should be said that the beds, which have the ability to adjust for each partner, were noted as comfortable, but only for four. Couples do not like that when one side of the bed is raised and the other is lowered, there is a small gap between them..

The top three evaluated the possibilities of finding a suitable mattress for such a bed. Memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and air mattresses are usually compatible with lift beds, but box spring mattresses are extremely difficult to find. Moreover, if a mattress with separate spring blocks can be found in a suitable version, then the usual cheapest spring mattress will not fit such a bed (it does not have enough flexibility to bend).

The sound when moving such a bed was rated by almost everyone as a deuce. The beds use powerful motors that are sometimes very noisy. About 15% of those surveyed experienced extremely loud noise, although many of them were tolerant. The massage function in almost all models is very noisy.

Maintenance of such a bed is required, so the level of ease of maintenance is only satisfactory. It is also not easy to transport and assemble such a bed on your own, so these parameters were also poorly rated. The majority of consumers also rated the terms of the guarantee as a guarantee for a deuce (most guarantees are extended for 20 years, however, most of the parts of the bed are serviced and changed only for three years, and after this time, most often, a motor or some kind of electrical part of the bed breaks down. so people want to have a big engine warranty).