Advantages and features of using a private jet

Airlines today are one of the most common and relevant ways to move a person between cities and countries.

This way of moving allows you to arrive at your destination in a shorter period of time. However, not every person has the desire and time to fly a public aircraft. In this case, you can rent a plane on of Private Jet Charter 24.

About the service

Private Jet Charter 24 organizes private flights from different airports to different destinations such as Italy, Germany, France, Austria and other countries. The organization cares about its customers, therefore it offers the most favorable prices for the services provided and high service to each client.

Also, the service is focused on long-term cooperation with the owners of private jets, on the design of an exclusive database of empty tripods. At the same time, each client gets access to about 1,200 aircraft equipped with the most modern equipment and represented by different groups, from turboprops to heavy or wide-body business liners.


Why Private Jet Charter 24? Firstly, the company offers the most favorable fare for flights and services, allowing its customers to save about 40%. Secondly, the service is the owner of the world fleet of aircraft, as it owns about 1200 aircraft, represented by various groups and categories.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the extensive transport interchange, which allows customers to independently choose their destination, regardless of the country and city of stay, for example, in Germany or France and in cities of other countries.