Analysis of the number of production workers

When analyzing the fulfillment of production standards, it is necessary to distinguish between the fulfillment of the norms and the fulfillment of the planned task, since the overfulfillment of the norms can be laid down in the very plan of the plant, on the basis of which the production task should be established by the workers. Por ejemplo ,, the average percentage of standards fulfillment at the plant was 150, and the plant’s plan envisaged an average over-fulfillment of 140%. Hence, labor productivity in relation to that provided for in workers who have fulfilled the output rate lower than 140%, in fact, do not fulfill the planned target in terms of labor productivity.

When analyzing the number of production workers and their compliance with output standards, it should be established to what extent the plant is provided with workers of various professions and qualifications, whether there is a labor turnover and what measures have been taken to eliminate it, what work is being done to improve the qualifications of workers, improve housing and cultural living conditions of workers — Por otra parte, opportunities for combining professions and a corresponding decrease in the number of workers are identified.

Following the analysis of the number of production workers, the compliance with the plan for the number of auxiliary and auxiliary workers should be checked. This is done by comparing the number of auxiliary and auxiliary workers with the calculations given in the labor plan and in the staffing table..

An important element in the analysis of the composition of the workforce is to determine the level of qualifications of workers by comparing the categories of workers by qualification with the category of work performed by them, as well as checking the system of training workers and improving their qualifications in the general system of training personnel at the plant. At the same time, it is interesting to establish the average category of cash at the enterprise of workers and compare it with the average category of work according to the plan. This comparison gives an idea of ​​the success of training workers and improving their qualifications..

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