Apartments from the developer-how to buy

The choice of real estate in the primary market is somewhat complicated by the need not only to select the object itself, but also to pay attention to the developer, his reputation, authority on the market. Indeed, inexpensive offers are not always a rare success, and when you see that some little reputable company offers cheap apartments on the primary market, you should not immediately run to conclude an agreement. Experts recommend contacting only time-tested construction companies, developers.

ASO Komstroy is a developer known in Rostov-on-Don for the absolute fulfillment of its obligations, say both private buyers and business partners. If you buy real estate in Rostov-on-Don from a developer, you can be sure of timely receipt of keys from apartments and the most modern technologies that are used in construction. Housing prices from this developer are also very competitive — you can buy an apartment of both economy class and prestigious premium class.

Before buying, carefully study the contract, and in some cases it is optimal to invite your lawyer, a trusted person who is well-versed in contract law. If you are dealing with a reputable developer, then here you can not look for pitfalls and be absolutely calm about the content of the contract. But small firms often offer contracts in which a lot of text is typed in small print, footnotes are made.