Apartments in Krasnodar — prices are growing steadily

The opinion of realtors regarding the movement of the real estate market in Krasnodar and the main trends observed in this market is almost unambiguous. Experts from different companies and representatives of Real Estate Agencies unanimously believe that in general the market is showing a positive direction of growth and the cost of square meters will only grow. During the first quarter of this year, there has been an increase in both the primary market and the secondary.

The residential complex Kalinino Park stands out among the objects of the primary market. Among those wishing to buy 1 apartment in Krasnodar, many choose this particular residential complex, since here the modern architecture of the complex is combined with favorable price offers. The cost per square meter belongs to the economy class. Also, everyone has the opportunity to buy an apartment in Krasnodar on a mortgage, which is provided by partner banks.

According to forecasts, the current year will not bring surprises and the cost of housing will only grow. Real estate in Krasnodar is in demand not only due to the situational interest of old buyers — city dwellers who will improve their living conditions. In the share of sales, migrants from other regions of the Russian Federation, incl. near and far abroad. The renewal of the mortgage can positively influence the increase in sales.