Are wood-polymer composite profiles suitable for arranging decking?

Yes, wood-polymer composite profiles (WPC) are a good alternative to natural wood planks. Outwardly, they look like ordinary boards, but they include wood flour or shavings (50-80%), polymer (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC) and modifying additives. The length of the finished products is from 2 to 6 m, the width is from 100 to 150 mm, and the thickness is 25 to 30 mm. The flooring of such profiles has a number of advantages: it is durable (withstands loads of 500 kgm2 and more), is not subject to decay and cracking, withstands temperature drops in the range of -50 … + 70 ° С.

As a rule, the warranty provided for WPC profiles is 10 years, although their actual service life is at least 25 years..


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