Biogas plants as an ideal solution to energy problems

Every year, an increasing number of enterprises specializing in agriculture and industry are installing biogas plants on their territory, since they can simultaneously solve several pressing problems of each farm..

First of all, this applies to the disposal of all types of organic waste, such as manure, food residues, silage, waste water, and secondly, it allows you to produce your own energy resources. They can be used for all the needs of the economy: heating, electrification, gasification, and not only the enterprise itself, but also nearby houses. Finally, this whole process allows the production of high-quality fertilizers, completely natural, and thus earning additional funds. In general, biogas plants increase the overall efficiency of the plant by two or more times..

Each farm always has its own, special requirements for the installation, the most successful option is to use stainless steel as a material, from which the reactor, gas holder, and other elements are made. the production of stations most often goes according to modular technology in order to achieve the optimal indicator of power and utilization. Based on the scale of the enterprise, how much and the name of the raw material it uses, how much gas it is planned to receive at the outlet, it is possible to install either a compact biogas plant or a large computerized station with numerous functions..

Advantages of steel biogas plants.

The use of steel in the production of biogas plants allows each module to be used for several decades. The fact is that in the process of operation, aggressive substances are formed in the reactor — ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which have a very negative effect on the gas holder, the reactor and all component stations, including electrical equipment. Special types of steel make it possible to reduce these effects, increasing the service life of the modules: — Steel V2A — used in those parts where the liquid substrate will be contained; — Steel V4A — used in those parts where gas will be contained. The use of such materials has a positive effect on the entire operation of the installation, and even after 20 years of operation, no serious damage will be noticed. The investment spent on such an installation will reduce the likelihood of breakdown and costly repairs..

In addition to the main parts of the station, the duration of the operation of the entire system is also influenced by the equipment supplying biomass to the core, mixing the substrate and discharging gas into the gasholder. In steel plants, only modern, proven equipment is used, it is desirable that one company be engaged in the manufacture of tanks and components: — Substrate metering systems, which are responsible for the uniformity of filling the reactor; — Systems of constant mixing, which from time to time mix the masses to a homogeneous state, preventing their stratification; — Systems of additional preparation of biogas, which optimize the fuel for their best work in combined heat and power plants; — Waste processing systems for obtaining fertilizers.

Installation of gas tanks for storage and delivery of biogas.

Stationary tanks, in which the produced biogas will be stored, can be made of either steel or polymer materials, depending on the requirements. The highest quality and most reliable is a metal gasholder, varying depending on the volume from three to four to several tens of cubic meters. The place where the storages will be installed depends on the climatic zone and the depth of soil freezing. Usually, the tanks are buried, and an elongated tube comes out to the surface, which supplies gas. In this case, the fuel does not freeze, and even in severe frosts, the system functions normally. When a gas tank is selected for an enterprise, it is imperative to clarify some points. Firstly, it concerns the purpose of the produced gas, how much of it will go for sale, and how much for the needs of the economy. A large amount of storage will be in demand when the installation is not constantly loaded, when from time to time you will need to use your own resources.

Biogas Energy Outlook.

In view of the constant growth of prices for resources, equipping an enterprise with such a station will be very useful. After all, the energy obtained on it is not only cheap, but also environmentally friendly, plus a fairly large amount of a secondary product — fertilizers, is obtained, they can be used for their intended purpose, on the fields, or simply sold at a bargain price. It is not at all necessary to load the reactor constantly — a large-volume gasholder, or a whole complex of storage facilities can solve the problem of power supply to the entire area adjacent to the enterprise, for example, in an emergency.