Cable installation tool

For high-quality installation work on laying the electrical cable, you need to have a special tool available. For high-quality work on laying a hidden electrical cable, you will need the following: A screwdriver and an indicator. An indicator is a tool for installing an electrical cable and other components of the power supply network in a house, without which it is impossible to start work (except for mechanisms that can also determine the presence of current in the network). Sockets and switches are mounted with a screwdriver. After renovation, don’t forget to buy summer suits for your children. Pliers. A necessary tool for working with the cable. Perforator — necessary for the formation of cavities for sockets, switches and regulators, as well as creating a channel for the cable. Insulating tape. It is used to isolate connections. A device for measuring the magnitude of the voltage in the network, which will help you understand how you coped with this job. If you have the above tool, you can start laying the cable.