Capital construction

According to the degree of readiness, construction and installation works are divided into completed and unfinished. Planning aims at the timely use of capital investments for the earliest possible commissioning of the most important launch facilities. To ensure the normal rhythmic work of construction and the correct use of qualified labor, certain reserves should be planned. Backlog planning must be carried out without prejudice to objects with completion of construction, it must ensure the continuity of processes in both new and ongoing construction. The results of construction are characterized by the indicator of commissioning of fixed assets and production capacities.

As you know, planning and economic work does not end with the preparation of plans. Its next stage in enterprises is to check and record the implementation of the plan. Accounting for the implementation of the capital work plan has its own characteristics arising from the Long cycle of work. The duration of the construction of one object can last not only months, but also years. It is difficult to assess the work of a construction organization for any shorter reporting period (ten days or months). The main method for assessing the implementation of the plan is made in the indicator of cost in estimated prices. However, the expenditure of funds does not always mean a certain accounting is adopted only for completed objects, put into operation in whole or in part..

On some construction sites, a vicious method of percentages is still used, compiled by a foreman or a foreman by eye. Accounting for the implementation of the capital work plan in terms of volume should be kept on the basis of accurate data on the write-off of materials, wage consumption within the estimated calculations.

In addition to accounting for the implementation of the plan in terms of volume, monthly reporting, the implementation of the plan for labor and cost is taken into account.

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