Characteristic features of a hydraulic bending machine.

Listogib — equipment that is offered for sale in different types. When making a choice in favor of this or that option, the available characteristics, structural features and additional features should be taken into account. The main purpose that the manual bending machine with hydraulic traction performs is to bend sheet metals. The device copes with this task perfectly.

The features of hydraulic models include ease of operation, which can be seen when working at the machine. The solution to the issue related to the purchase of this type of equipment is also not difficult. This is due to the fact that there are many specialized organizations on the market that sell just such goods. Here are models made by different manufacturers, which buyers pay special attention to.

Many commercially available models have inherent advantages of good functionality. The ratio of price and quality is noted, which is optimal. The management process is straightforward, allowing you to get the job done without difficulty. Energy consumption in operation does not imply high rates, indicating the inherent efficiency of the equipment. Also, the noise level is low. The combination of such features allows the choice of equipment of this type to be made a justified decision. The most important thing is to choose a model, the characteristics of which will allow the device to cope with all the tasks assigned to it..

Key Features.

The hydraulic bending machine is distinguished by a list of important points. Full protection is provided for the working area. The setting at the top at zero of the compensation value relative to the deviation is noted. Attention is drawn to the manual compensation with respect to the base at zero. It is carried out by means of a machine holder. Here, a force of more than 250 tons is envisaged. Examining the bending machine, a control device for deflection compensation is noted, which is monitored. In the mode, which is manual, a remarkable set-up is provided. A characteristic feature in this case involves the display of a numerical.

In the case of a hydraulic bending machine, attention is drawn to the steel beam noted here. Its characteristic feature is its mechanical design. This feature becomes very important in practice when performing work, since it contributes to the achievement of the advantage associated with good rigidity observed against twisting. As a result, when using a bending machine, the possibility of achieving high accuracy rates is noted. Another significant point concerns synchronization..

Design features.

An important design element is the drive. In equipment of this type, it belongs to the hydraulic type. As a result, during the operation of the equipment, noiselessness is achieved. Additionally, the list of advantages can be supplemented by reliability. In the case of a hydraulic bending machine, a structure is noted, which is welded and steel. A characteristic feature of the design is that it is vibration damping. In addition, there are rather high indicators regarding stiffness. The resistance force is high, which is also important in practice.


Hydraulic bending machine, like any other equipment, has its own list of technical characteristics. When making a choice in favor of a particular model, you must first carefully read this information. In the case of a hydraulic bending machine, a list of the most significant points is noted. Find out the indicators regarding the nominal effort. The table has a specific length, indicated in millimeters.

A certain distance in millimeters is marked between the posts. For a bending machine, another important characteristic is the depth that the neck has. You should find out the data concerning the move, as well as the number of moves. When choosing, attention is paid to the data associated with the main drive. Additionally, you will need to find out the overall dimensions of the bending machine, as well as the weight.