Chemical anchors

Chemical anchor is a polymer mass based on organic compounds and resins, which is used to firmly fix fasteners in a hole in a vertical or horizontal surface. This composition is used in conjunction with a metal threaded rod and provides the most reliable fixing of the latter in concrete, aerated concrete, brick and other block building materials..

Design features

A chemical anchor consists of two main parts — a fixing compound and a stud, on which the desired object or part is then hung. This fastener is used as follows:

A hole is made in the surface of the wall or ceiling;

A sealing compound is placed inside;

After that, a hairpin is lowered into the hole.

The peculiarity of this fastener is that it provides the most dense and strong fastening of the stud inside the hole. The use of chemical anchors is especially effective in the following cases:

In walls cast from porous concrete or built from ready-made porous blocks;

In surfaces made of shell rock, ceramic bricks, hollow concrete blocks;

In dilapidated surfaces, walls and ceilings that are used in a humid environment.


The use of chemical anchors has the following advantages:

With their help, you can hang massive and heavy objects on the surface without fear of destroying part of the wall or ceiling;

Anchors can be used for indoor and outdoor mounting;

After hardening of the sealing mixture, it forms a strong monolith, which is characterized by high adhesion to the surface material;

The hardening of the chemical mixture takes a minimum of time, therefore the use of chemical anchors does not increase the time for installation work;

The sealing compound increases the resistance of the fastener to vibration loads, high and low temperatures;

Chemical anchors are completely safe for the environment and human health directly during installation and after hardening. The mixture does not release hazardous chemical compounds.


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