Cons of ceramic tiles

There is a drawback associated with the serial production: each batch of tiles is produced in a certain quantity.

Let’s say a factory has released 10 thousand mg of a green tile, after a certain time it re-releases it, but the shade may differ. Therefore, to finish any surface, you always need to buy a tile with a margin — something may break, something will not be enough for trimming.


This does not apply to those collections that, by design, imply a variation in color; this is not to say that this is a disadvantage of the tile, but rather a feature of it. The tiles are certified by the manufacturer for tonality. Any professional trade organization enters articles when issuing an invoice and invoice: not only the name of the collection is indicated there, but also the color tone, so it is better to keep the papers.

If the tile is broken or there is not enough of it, it is enough to take this invoice, look at the name and tone and contact the supplier or other trade organizations.