Construction and transportation

Today, new residential complexes are growing faster and faster, the construction industry is developing. When drawing up an estimate, the craftsmen calculate the required amount of materials by concluding contracts with suppliers of raw materials.

Large-scale construction is not possible without bulk purchases of goods, as well as building materials. Therefore, the delivery of oversized cargo in Russia is so urgent. It is provided by companies with security and cargo escort guarantees. They help to draw up the necessary documents, agree on the schedule for sending the goods. At the request of the client, the cargo is tracked along the trajectory of movement. This is very important for suppliers and customers when the terms of the on-time delivery agreement are met unconditionally. Then there will be no penalties or termination of the contract..

The companies provide services for the transportation of baggage of any size and volume. Delivery of oversized cargo is often required; for this purpose, trucks or railway wagons are ideal transport. If it is necessary to deliver an unsafe cargo, then tanks or river transport are used..

The cargo is delivered to any point, regardless of distance and weather conditions. Building materials have a different structure, weight. Cement, starting primer and putty are packed in bags, bricks are stitched one by one into blocks, paints and glue are transported in cans. Plates, laminate are packed in cardboard boxes, wallpaper in paper bags. Different means of transport are required to transport a certain load.

Companies select the best cars, and delivery across Russia, regardless of the distance to the customer, is prompt and smooth. In addition, baggage transport companies provide experienced movers, managers and couriers..

International transportation is always successful due to the high professionalism of the staff. Companies help to correctly draw up accompanying documents, freely go through customs. The cost of services depends on the mileage, the brand of the truck and additional services. Experts offer the transportation of building materials along the most profitable route. Logisticians calculate the trajectory with maximum fuel economy. In addition, loading with loading of building materials is performed automatically. This significantly speeds up the process of cargo delivery..

The material was prepared with the support of CDEK edostavka