Construction in the oil and gas industry

The construction of oil and gas facilities is a fairly highly specialized field, therefore, at the exhibition, the latest industry achievements and key technologies are presented at the stands and sites exclusively of companies that are engaged in the production of specialized equipment and construction and installation work directly at the facilities.. Large construction companies in the oil and gas industry always have a comprehensive approach to solving production problems of any complexity, having for this their own scientific and technical base for preliminary (design and survey) work.

The organization of construction in the oil and gas industry at the initial stage of work involves a detailed survey of the building area itself. There is a collection and thorough analysis of all data obtained during the environmental, hydrometeorological and geotechnical expertise of the industrial site of the facility. The second echelon is the development of design estimates, as well as all working drawings, passports — all details are taken into account, as well as factors influencing the result (and timing) of the work performed. Further, after the conclusions of experts on the safety of construction and operation of each facility and structure separately, all documents are coordinated with each other and brought together into one general project.

Direct work on the construction of oil and gas facilities includes:

general construction operations and construction of industrial structures;

installation of electrical equipment and electrical networks;

assembly and functional testing of machines and mechanisms;

installation of all auxiliary engineering communications;

complex of works on anti-corrosion protection of structures;

carrying out all commissioning works on the equipment.

The construction of the oil and gas industry begins with the preparation of the site, clearing and dismantling, equipping access roads and supplying communications. After that, the entire list of earthworks provided for by the project (or general construction plan) is carried out. Vertical and horizontal leveling of the site, excavation, construction and compaction of «cushions». Then the installation of reinforced concrete materials and insulating structures is already carried out..

The complex of works on power supply at the construction sites of the oil and gas industry provides for the installation (or reconstruction of existing) power lines, the construction of power substations, the laying of cable and overhead networks, the installation of devices for metering electricity consumption, as well as the installation of a lighting system for the industrial site. Mechanical assembly operations include paving slabs, drilling wells, driving piles and anchors, welding reinforced concrete structures, formwork, installing stairs and concrete floors, installing windows and doors, finishing and roofing works. The list of auxiliary engineering works includes the device of water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, the installation of plumbing, as well as the construction of drainage structures.

Large construction companies in the oil and gas industry employ certified specialists and skilled workers (operators of PES and compressor units, sandblaster) to perform the entire range of anti-corrosion work at the facilities being built. At the exhibition, you can get acquainted in detail with all the stages of applying protective (anti-corrosion) insulation, as well as with the fleet of special equipment used for this. Strict control over the quality of the coating is carried out in stages using modern control equipment.

The final phase of construction in the oil and gas industry is commissioning at the facility. In the process of debugging, there is a check of lifting and transport machines and compressor equipment, a test run of heating and ventilation units, a check of all pumps and furnaces. Heating, sewerage and water supply systems are checked for integrity, the electrical network and auxiliary equipment are tested.

In the tough conditions of a competitive market, large construction companies in the oil and gas industry are simply required to have a fleet of modern equipment and highly efficient special equipment. The exhibition «Neftegaz» provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest industry materials and technologies, arm with the latest achievements for the production of work, improve the qualifications of the company’s engineering personnel and the level of quality of services provided.

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