Corn cobs

Poor adhesion of the tube surfaces is reflected in the quality of the boards.. The dependence of the properties of chips and reed boards on the volumetric weight is characterized by curves.

To reduce the influence of the cuticle on the strength of the plates, it is necessary to grind the reed into small particles. However, when shredding cane stalks, about 15% of their total weight turns into dust and is not used in the production of boards..

One of the reports made at the Geneva meeting on chipboard and fiberboard, held in January-February 1957, provides the following data to compare the quality of boards obtained from various types of raw materials.

Corn on the cob is not a good raw material for particle boards. The static bending strength of slabs obtained from particles of corn cobs ranges from 50 to 80 kg / cm2 (with a bulk density of 700 kgm3).

There are no data on the quality of slabs made from sunflower stalks and seed husks in the literature, but experiments on obtaining such slabs were carried out by various research laboratories..

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