Cottage villages and their construction

Life in a cottage-type village is determined by three prerogatives: it is pleasant, healthy, and also prestigious for the residents themselves. From this we can judge that the business in this area is quite profitable — a large number of investors are ready to invest their funds in it. Some cottage villages. It goes without saying that such a construction has its own characteristics, since the customer is interested not only in the convenience of his future housing, but also in how well developed the infrastructure in townhouses in the Leningrad region is. The planning of the construction process itself is divided into several stages: 1. Assessment of the area This is the first stage, but it requires a lot of discretion. If you make a mistake at this stage, then in the future the project may simply not recoup the money spent on its implementation. Usually, the area is assessed according to such criteria as:

remoteness from the city. According to research, the optimal distance is 60 km t of the city (well, or an hour’s drive);

ecology in the area;

infrastructure development.

2. Economic calculation The cost of this project is calculated on the basis of a large number of factors, including: construction technology, architectural style, safety, audience of people, etc. 3. Development of a detailed project. It should consist of elements such as:

gene. site plan. It is important to comply with building codes and requirements;

the developed plan for the networks of the cottage community. When designing a village, it should be taken into account how deeply the engineering communications penetrate, as well as whether there is an opportunity to connect to heating and water supply networks, how developed the power supply system is, and so on;

road project. It must be remembered that a desirable condition in the design of a cottage community is that a proper motorway, or even better a system of access roads, be drawn to it. All this will have a direct impact on the final cost of the project;

referring to statistics, the most successful projects are those in which the village is designed in the same style.

4. Direct construction of a cottage community. It includes:

drawing up a construction estimate, which is a description of the types of work, such as: erection of a concrete foundation, drainage works, waterproofing, interior decoration, concrete floors, etc.

determination of the date of delivery of the object;

conclusion of contracts with contractors;

construction of cottages;

inspection of houses by customers and signing of a work acceptance document.

It should be noted that when carrying out this kind of work, the best option would be that they will be carried out by one company. Its staff should be filled with specialists in different directions. Getting the maximum profit will directly depend on how qualified their employees are. The team of the company must include competent designers, engineers, technologists, designers, economists. And although the coordination of a different work plan can cause certain difficulties in the implementation of the project, nevertheless, thanks to the above, it is possible to achieve large investments of investors. This is the only way to do something truly significant in the construction market. When comparing Russian analogues of cottage settlements and western options, the former lag far behind the latter, primarily due to the fact that they lack a developed and stabilized infrastructure. Typically, American or European cottage communities are a modern small town, with many factors arising from this. Anyone whose possession is located on the territory of such a site can, without leaving it, make purchases, study, attend various courses. According to many experts, modern cottage settlements in Russia resemble rather something like a sleeping area. In the most favorable scenario, the best offer would be Sunday walks in the forest zone. Now the balance of power is such that an increasing number of companies are abandoning the construction of small settlements, less than 50 households. And an increasing number of these same companies are showing interest in projects that include about 500 houses. Here you can see some of the land plots in St. Petersburg. Based on economic calculations, it is easy to understand — the payback of such projects is much higher, and the construction itself is more promising in terms of organizing life. So, the most important thing to start with when building this kind of project is how profitable the project will be. Then you need to negotiate with a competent contractor. It is very important to assess the possibilities of the infrastructure in the area and the wishes of future residents. If these requirements are met, further business development is possible..