Custom metal and glass constructions.

The metal structure can act as a functional component in the form of a fence, staircase and handrail, visor, etc.. The main thing is the conformity of the shape and size to the specific conditions of use. The Byvek company works in this direction, producing not only metal, but also glass structures according to individual parameters. To obtain reliable metal structures, the company uses stainless steel, ferrous metals, as well as non-ferrous alloys, brass and aluminum..

The role of metal in securing fences, fences and canopies is significant and irreplaceable. But in some areas, glass is also used, to which, despite practical tasks, aesthetic requirements are also imposed. For example, Byvek designs and manufactures glass ceilings and floor coverings. By ordering such designs, customers can embody the most daring ideas in design. Such offers are especially beneficial when decorating shop windows, floors of shopping centers, decorating escalators, columns, etc..

The company’s designers also use metal and glass brand logos and emblems. They give structures not only a beautiful look, eliminating the effect of uniformity, but also raise the status of a business object..

Working with any order, Byvek specialists are guided by the creation of durable metal or glass structures, which also differ in a unique style of execution..