Definitely the best wood floors

These wood floors are carved, glued, scratched, sanded and finished to such a high standard that they deserve special recognition.. Of course, we are talking about serious overhaul and large investments, but the companies that are responsible for the installation and production of these floors are true masters of their craft..

Viral sex

For example, this gorgeous «Viral Wood Floor. This project was handled by Real Antique Wood, which was founded by spouses Gary and Lisa Horvat. They collect wood from old applications (old sheds, furniture, houses, etc.), and they then recycle it and turn it into new wood building materials like this floor. ”Gary used to work for another firm installing recycled wood floors, however, he found that many clients wanted to know where the recycled wood was sourced. did not worry too much about this issue.As the owner of his own company, Gary puts a special emphasis on educating his customers about which projects have previously used wood, from which they receive new materials and products.

Ourad floors

And this is the floor of Tom Ourad for a commercial project. Tom was entrusted with the task of making a wooden floor for the Bostik stand at one of the construction exhibitions. This wood floor has incredible carvings, including a realistic green gecko. The gecko, by the way, is made of 71 pieces of wood that are joined together so well that they seem to be a seamless piece. To achieve the depth of the picture, Ourada tinted the wood. The project turned out to be quite difficult, but the designer admits that he loves to solve difficult problems: «With such a level of detail … Thank God I have patience.».

And one more project by Tom Ourada, but for a residential building. An acquaintance who knew about Tom’s talent for working with wood asked him to make this floor. Sawing the wood flooring took 108 hours, planing and gluing another 30 hours, sanding and finishing another 30 hours. It is worth noting that initially Tom thought that he would have to use a lot of paint and tint to make the colors stand out, but in the end he saw that the wood itself copes well with contrast. Tom admitted that he finished the project at about 2 am and cried out loudly with happiness. «It was like Christmas for me,» says the author..

American gender

The next project was carried out by Dallas-based Woodwright. The firm has extraordinary designs, so when a client asked for the famous American coat of arms with an eagle in their library, simple options were ruled out. Woodwright’s craftsmen used laser cutting to create a parquet floor with a coat of arms. They also did a long hand job of sanding, toning and finishing. The whole process of working on the coat of arms took about six months, so when it came time to mount it on the floor, the workers were very nervous..

Canadian Geometric Floors

This stunning showroom is the creation of Canada-based Gaylord. She specializes in such personalized projects (they were once asked to make a wood floor exactly to match the customer’s Bentley).

Russian gender made by surprised Americans

Another company that works with recycled wood to create new finishes has created a gorgeous floor for a Russian home. At the same time, this project was almost canceled due to the spoiled relations between Russia and the United States after the conflict in Ukraine. The fact is that the architects of Archetypal Imagery, hired for this work, could not obtain visas to enter Russia for several months. But the customer wanted exactly this company, and he was ready to wait until the representatives of the company were given the «green light» to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. While the design team waited for their visa, they cut and hand-painted each piece of the parquet flooring. Perhaps people who live in Russia will be especially interested in learning more about this project, so we will share interesting information.

The wood for this floor was recycled from old pre-revolutionary American barns. Now it is in the home of a wealthy man (his house also has a huge swimming pool, the size of those built for Olympic venues). At the same time, despite his wealth, this person asked the company for recycled wood — the authors of the project especially emphasize that the customer was not worried about the expense, but asked to take care of the environmental sustainability of the project. The architect of Archetypal Imagery commented on his surprise: «Rich people in Russia rarely think about nature and green methods. But this client has an entire house built with sustainable technologies. It pleasantly surprised us.».