DIY Christmas tree for a small room

Draw a Christmas tree on a piece of foam board. You can lean it against any wall, and it will not take up space at all. It only takes an hour to make such a tree. And removing it will turn out even faster..

For work you will need:

— a sheet of foam board 1 meter by 1.4 meters with a thickness of 1 centimeter;

— pink acrylic paint;

— aerosol can with golden acrylic paint;

— stickers in the form of blue and white snowflakes;

— two outdoor decorative garlands with flowers;

— glass stones or beads;

— glue gun.

Draw the outline of the tree with a marker or gel pen on the foam board. Then glue masking tape along the inner contour. Blotting the background with a deep pink color. Glue masking tape along the outer contour of the tree, then paint it golden from a spray can. Wait until it is completely dry. Decorate the background with decorative snowflake stickers. Fix glass stones and beads on the tree with a glue gun. Use an awl to make holes in the foam board for the garlands. Insert flowers and light bulbs into them, and leave the wires on the back..