Economic activity

In order to aim the enterprise at fulfilling the plan for the main product range, it is necessary to evaluate; his work, taking into account the admitted deviations from the plan. To do this, it is enough when analyzing not to include in the amount actually.

As can be seen from the table, with the overall fulfillment of the plan in kind by 101.1%, and in value terms by 110.0 ° / 0, the plan for the production of products of four names out of seven was not fulfilled. This has violated the completeness in the production of flights of stairs, landings and balcony slabs. The fulfillment of the plan in terms of value was mainly due to the release of expensive products

Along with checking the composition of commercial products in kind, it is necessary to establish the correctness of its assessment in exact accordance with the prices of price lists, contracts and calculations for one-time orders, estimates for equipment overhaul, etc..

Following the analysis of the fulfillment of the plan for marketable products, it is necessary to analyze the change in work in progress, the physical value of which should follow from the acts of inventory of work in progress at the beginning and end of the analyzed period (usually a month).

The valuation of these balances is checked on the basis of factory calculations that establish the notional value of work in progress in selling prices, by applying coefficients characterizing the relationship between the cost and selling prices for finished products..

Analyzing the dynamics of the volume of work in progress in the position of ensuring the smooth running of the production process, it should be borne in mind that the growth of work in progress is in some cases a positive phenomenon for seasonal production, contributing to the rhythmic work of the enterprise, improving product quality, reducing scrap, etc. in other cases, the size of the work in progress must correspond to the characteristics and organization of the technological process of production.

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