George Lucas Museum will be built in 2019

Chicago City Council finally yielded to persuasion to approve zoning for the George Lucas Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. The ambitious project is promised to be completed by 2019.

The unusual design of the museum caused a lot of controversy with the authorities of Chicago, but still the plans were approved. Lucas’ architecture looks exactly as if it were in the Star Wars universe. The designers say they will do everything they can to make the project blend in with the landscape. The facility will grow 41 meters near Lake Michigan.

The museum will occupy almost 28 thousand square meters of territory. This has been the subject of major controversy. Critics are against a private project that will take a place on public land (now this place is used as a car park). There was even a trial, but Lucas promised to correct all the misunderstandings that would be caused by its construction. In particular, it will provide the city with good landscaping, large areas with areas for the public. In addition, Lucas will build a parking lot. The museum itself will be designed by MAD, while the landscaping will be done by Studio Gang and SCAPE..