Getting ready for the construction of a pond

When planning a garden design, one of its highlights can be a pond.. You can make a decorative lake with your own hands, but you should start with a careful planning. All the details should be considered — type, size, location. It is worth considering the possible difficulties. For example, do you know what to do with the excavated soil? Consider if the lake will be safe, will it get in the way.

The size of an artificial pond can even start with a plastic bucket. For a plot of fifteen acres, a lake with a surface of a water mirror of five square meters will be enough. When choosing a place for a pond, keep in mind that it must warm up for at least six hours a day, so you should not place it in the shade of trees.

Artificial reservoirs are divided into formal and informal. The informal ones are like regular ponds, while the formal ones are tiled. If a site above ground level is chosen for the future pond, then it is advisable to build a formal-type reservoir. It is advisable that the walls of a formal pond are not made of materials such as lead, which in this case is not safe..

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