How to build a cottage

The construction of houses in our country is not only gaining popularity, but also receives support from the state.. Now, building a country house is a solution to the housing problem for many of us..



On the issue of acquiring land for construction, the state has various levels of local and state special programs. This especially applies to a certain category of people, for example, large families, public sector workers and young people. Therefore, before buying land for construction, please contact local authorities about the possibility of participating in the preferential program..


To start building a house, you need to obtain a building permit in the local argon architecture. And before that, you need to choose a country house project. Or at least have a general idea of ​​how big it will be, how many floors it will be, and whether there will be other buildings in the courtyard.


When starting construction, you need to have at hand a detailed technical construction project, especially if there is no experience in this matter. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling the construction and violating sanitary standards. And this can cause problems and difficulties in the operation of the finished structure and entail additional investments of material in their correction..


If construction is planned with contractors or a construction company, you must regulate and detail all issues, procedures and payment guarantees in the contract. Suburban construction of wooden houses, popular Finnish from a bar, it is better to entrust construction to professionals. You should never give a lot of money in advance. It is better to pay for the work in parts after its implementation.


If you do the construction of a cottage with your own hands, the developer must make demands on himself. First of all, it is a deep knowledge of construction and technical issues and the availability of any practice.


The choice of building material depends entirely on the developer, so it is better to be well informed on this matter..


And finally, country houses can be converted into residential ones, even with one frame with doors and windows..

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