How to choose a garden wheelbarrow

Well, what would seem to be tricky in choosing a garden wheelbarrow? This is not a clever device that has a bunch of features that need to be taken into account … So it is, of course, just imagine working with a future acquisition. After all, you will carry different loads on it, and small, and large, and light, and heavy. How will you handle a car if you buy the first one you come across? How will your back feel after that? Garden wheelbarrows are different, and you need to buy the most suitable one for you, so that the work will be a joy. Otherwise, it can turn into hard labor, and you will curse the day when you bought this piece of iron with wheels …

How to choose a garden wheelbarrow

For starters, you can simply chat with neighbors or acquaintances to find out what kind of car they have. Be sure to ask if they are happy with it, or if there are any drawbacks. It is even better to «hold it in your hands» on your own. Believe me, you will learn a lot, up to the quality of the iron from which the wheelbarrow is made. Well, then you can expand knowledge in this area, so as not to get confused in the store from the abundance of modifications of this simple device.

What to look for when choosing a garden wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow itself serves only one purpose — the transportation of goods, moreover, different. That is why there are many wheelbarrows of various sizes, even of the same design. It’s like with buckets — they are all similar, but the capacity is different. So first decide what kind of cargo and how much you will transport on your wheelbarrow. With the calculation of your own strength, of course, otherwise you can buy the biggest of all …

The parameter of the wheelbarrow for the capacity is the liter. This unit is known to measure volume. So the volume of the car body is also measured in liters. In addition, the design of the wheelbarrow can withstand a limited weight, exceeding which, you will simply break it. This is already the carrying capacity, and it is, of course, measured in kilograms. Think about what and how much you will be transporting. For example, 70 bricks, tightly packed, weigh about 250 kilograms and take up a volume of about 100 liters. But such a load will be difficult to roll, and if you are not a pumped up bodybuilder, then think again. You shouldn’t take a very miniature wheelbarrow — to carry it drop by drop is not an option either …

Now we turn to the design of the wheelbarrow. The first thing that catches your eye is the different number of wheels. There may be four, two, or even one. Here, too, you need to think carefully, because each design has its own nuances..

How to choose a garden wheelbarrow

The more wheels, the more load the wheelbarrow can carry. In addition, on soft surfaces such as dug ground, multiple wheels provide a large footprint. In human terms, the more wheels, the less the wheelbarrow gets stuck in the ground, and therefore it is easier to roll it. In the case of asphalt, this, of course, does not matter so much..

But there is also an advantage for wheelbarrows with one wheel. This is their agility. Such a wheelbarrow can be easily rolled along the narrowest path, with any turns. Two wheels, and even wide apart, will no longer give you this opportunity. Therefore, when buying, consider the width of the paths in your garden or vegetable garden, and the steepness of the turns. Otherwise, buy it with four wheels, and you won’t be able to drive anywhere with it …

How to choose a garden wheelbarrow

Another design feature of wheelbarrows can influence your choice. These are the handles that you will hold onto. They come in two versions — one longitudinal or two parallel. Here it is already better to try to hold on this way and that, see how it is more convenient. Again, a single wheelbarrow will have to be practically suspended, so two parallel handles will be more comfortable. Hands will be in a natural physiological position and will not fatigue in the wrists and shoulders. Well, if the car has several wheels and you just need to push it, then the transverse handle may be more convenient. Try it out on the spot before checkout.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which your future car is made. Of course, it itself should be as light as possible. Agree, dragging a wheelbarrow with bricks, which itself weighs 50 kilograms, is still a pleasure … But it is also somehow frivolous to carry bricks in a plastic wheelbarrow — you will not enjoy this process for long. Therefore, find a compromise and choose a lightweight and reliable car..

As you can see, even in the simple matter of choosing such a simple tool, not everything is so simple. But now you know all about this, and you can competently solve the problem of transporting goods within your garden plot.