How to choose a laminate for your home?

How to choose a finishing material for flooring today, it is perhaps difficult to find something else that should correspond as much as possible to most of the parameters presenting the modern development of the market. For example, laminate flooring is a good alternative to parquet. But how to choose a laminate for your home? This coating perfectly tolerates a large number of different influences. Only natural raw materials are used in its manufacture. The thermal insulation properties of the material also correspond to the highest level.

Since laminate flooring can be regarded as a less expensive alternative to parquet, it is easy to use it to cover the floor of any living space. All classes of this universal coating today are represented by a wide variety of colors, textures, while the ratio of quality and price of the material is the most optimal.

To choose a good floor, you need to study its basic quality criteria. The first place is taken by the load class. Special tests are used to determine the class. These tests are performed during production. The class determines how resistant the flooring is to physical influences, which confirms the conclusion which laminate is better to choose.

When choosing a class, you need to navigate the room that needs to be covered with this material. The laminate of classes starting with the number two is made specifically for residential and administrative premises. The class, which begins with a three, is used for public premises, where there is a particularly high load on the floor. However, this is not the reason that material of this class cannot be used in residential buildings. Simply by choosing this particular class, it will be able to last longer than a similar coating with a lower indicator..

Typically, the rating of a floor covering corresponds to protection with five layers: top layer, decorative paper, a layer of moisture-resistant film and a base layer..

The next property to look at is thickness. When buying material, you can consult with specialists who will help you on how to choose a laminate for your home. Usually the thickness of the material varies — 0.6-1.2mm. For home use, a thickness of 0.8 cm is sufficient. The higher this indicator, the more force must be applied to the material in order to break it. Thickened laminate has better sound insulation properties. It is recommended to choose the thickness of the laminate, taking into account the area of ​​the room. Large area provides more thickness. The bottom line is that while walking, this material makes noise, and the thin one will make a louder sound..

When choosing, you should pay attention to the presence of formaldehyde. Wood has this substance. It is clear that wood-based flooring containing such a substance in huge quantities can harm human health. It is best to buy a lacquered laminate. If the packaging of the material has an E1 mark, then it is safe. This is the basic standard that all manufacturers must comply with and the warranty period must be consulted at the time of purchase. Almost all manufacturers give a guarantee for 2-6 years, with rare exceptions this figure is close to 10. If neither the seller nor the manufacturer provide a guarantee for this type of product, then it is best not to buy it..

Sometimes, when choosing a laminate, a chamfer is considered an important criterion. It is located between adjacent slats. With the help of a chamfer, manufacturers achieve an imitation of natural wood material. It also hides the joints between the planks, which will inevitably become visible after prolonged use of the floor covering..

During the choice, one must focus not only on the qualities described above, but take into account the nuance of how to choose the color of the laminate, because the interior plays a big role, the most important is personal preferences. The drawing can be made not only under a tree, often a tile or stone pattern is applied to the laminate, as well as various abstract patterns. If, during the selection, it was decided to buy a material that imitates wood, then it is necessary to determine which structure is most suitable for a particular room..

In the selection process, it will be useful to read the opinions of consumers about a particular brand of laminate. When visiting a store, it is advisable to take a closer look at the seller, it is very important that you are served by a professional who knows all the criteria for the quality of the coating. I need to find out if the required amount of material is in the store.

Given the high quality characteristics of the source material, the question of the features of how to choose a laminate for the home is decided based on the requirements of the design solution. If the goods are not enough, then you need to find out about the delivery time. In addition, it makes sense to learn about the conditions of receipt, often stores deliver large consignments of goods for free. Find out if it is possible to return surplus material that has not been used and remained sealed to the store.