How to choose the right ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most durable and beautiful material for finishing work. Ceramic tiles are a very classic material that has won its fans for a long time. It is used both in the decoration of external facades and interior design. Ceramic tiles are widely used. The choice of this building material is huge. Tile manufacturers offer tiles of different types, colors and sizes.

Before buying a tile, you need to decide on the place where it will be settled, you also need to choose the design and color of the tile. The tile must match the interior design of the room, room. If this is a facade tile and will be glued to a brick, it must match the surrounding design. Do not forget about the technical characteristics of the tiles. The tile must withstand mechanical, thermal, effects on it. There are many different systems of technical standards in the world. The largest and most authoritative standards are UNI EN, CEN. All these standards are valid in all European countries.

The tiles must also be waterproof. This quality is characterized by the degree of porosity. Other technical characteristics of the tile depend on this quality of the tile..

There are two ways to shape the tile. The most popular way to shape tiles is by pressing. With this method, the powdery mass is compressed in two directions. The result is a tile of high density and great strength. Using the second method, the raw material is pulled through a special mouthpiece with a long tape, then it is cut into the shape of a tile of the desired size.

The most basic technical indicator of a tile is its durability. This characteristic is very important when the tiles are laid on the floor. There are five types of tiles, depending on the characteristics of its wear resistance..

First class tiles are used in residential areas where shoes and other external influences are not used.Such tiles can be installed on the bathroom floor.

As for the tiles of the second class, they are suitable for use in areas of greater physical activity than tiles of the first class..

The third class of wear resistance of ceramic tiles is installed on the floor of residential premises that do not have street access and traffic on these tiles of medium intensity. This tile can be installed on the floor of kitchens, hallways, bedrooms.

Ceramic tiles of the fourth class are used in public buildings where people walk with their shoes on and there is access to the street.

As for the tiles of the fifth class, their durability is suitable for any traffic intensity. These tiles can be installed outdoors. It is usually installed on the floor of streets in front of shopping centers, residential buildings, office buildings, etc. This tile is very smooth, has an excellent surface and color range. But, as a rule, this tile is more expensive than tiles of the first, second, third, fourth classes..

When buying ceramic tiles, you must take into account the technical characteristics. You need to understand that wall tiles should have a more beautiful appearance than strength..

If tiles are to be laid on the floor, they must be of high strength. It must withstand mechanical and chemical stress. For this purpose, low-porosity ceramic tiles are excellent. But for the walls of the kitchen, you need a tile that can withstand chemical stress..

If the tiles need to be laid in the lobby of a private apartment, then the main parameter is the strength of the tiles. To do this, you can pick up tiles of the fourth or fifth grade..

If this tile is intended for bathroom floor and wall cladding, then choose a tile with a high chemical resistance. If the packaging with ceramic tiles has AA symbols, then ceramic tiles with the highest chemical resistance. There are tiles with the symbols A, B, C, D less resistant to chemical attack..

Tiles in rooms with high traffic of people must be as hard and durable as possible, and must also be resistant to chemical influences and pollution. For example, the floor of industrial plants must be covered with thick tiles with a dense base. It is also good to use tiles with a non-slip surface. If the tile will be on the street, it must be bought with frost-resistant qualities..

If we talk about the quality of tiles, you need to remember that the technical characteristics and quality of tiles are different concepts..

Any tile must be assessed by eye. It should be absolutely flat and smooth. The tile should be dense. The edges of the tiles should be smooth without hints or chipping. In order to check the slipperiness of the tiles, you need to drop a drop of water and try how your finger will slide..

When buying tiles, do not forget about the aesthetic layout of tiles with design and interior design. The color and appearance of the tiles should be combined with furniture, interior items.

There are no strict rules for choosing a tile. The decoration depends only on the aesthetic tastes of the owner of the building, room, apartment, house, and so on. But still, there are some rules, following which you can get a much more beautiful result. For example, small apartments need to be equipped with tiles in light colors. This move will visually enlarge the room. If the walls are finished with tiles of the same color and even of the same batch, then we will still get tiles with playing colors, since the lighting will be different. Therefore, you need to correctly compose the color scheme. It is necessary to arrange both the tiles and the lighting in the room. Do not forget about the reflectivity of the tiles. After all, the tile can be either mirrored or with a rough surface. After decorating the room with tiles, they give it a finished look. It is decorated with a frieze. A frieze is a strip that highlights a tile with color or pattern..

As for the size of the tiles, the most common size is fifteen centimeters wide and fifteen centimeters long and twenty centimeters long and fifteen centimeters wide..

Before buying a tile, you need to measure the area for it. Remember that you need to buy ten percent more tiles. You can order tiles and facing bricks in our company.