How to get rid of the excess out of the house?

So, you finally realized that there are too many things stored in your house, but how to understand what exactly needs to be taken to the landfill and what should be left for further storage? Part of the solution to this issue lies in numbers. Once you decide how many items in each category of things you really need, you can use this data for general cleaning..

A common dilemma «sometimes»

What if you use things sometimes. Fancy porcelain plates, for example. If you really need these things (you really need them and it’s a pity to throw them away — these are different concepts), then find storage space. Please note that in the case when you use the NECESSARY things at CERTAIN moments of time, you need to find them a convenient way of storage that will hide them enough so as not to take up extra space in the apartment and not create a mess.

We will repeat that you need to overcome your desire to keep things out of guilt. If you feel sorry for throwing something away, donate it to charity or take it to the flea market.

Limit space

If you have sentimental items that are a pity to throw away, then you will need to limit the possible storage space. Thus, you will save your apartment from becoming a trash dump. Highlight a dresser or wall with shelves to store all your memorabilia. When space is limited, you will begin to separate the necessary and the unnecessary more consistently..

Use the rule: «one in the wash, one in the closet, one in use»

For all bedding and other textiles, including towels, rugs, and so on, use the «one in wash, one in the closet, one in use» rule. That is, your maximum storage is three sets. This is a pretty simple equation that will help you save space and keep your old stuff out of the way..

What about guests?

If your apartment is not a hotel, but two sets for each guest bed will be enough for you. And this also applies to bed linen, and towels, and dressing gowns, and other substances related to this.

Seasonal exceptions

You can use warmer blankets in winter and lighter ones in summer, but you don’t need additional bedding sets for this. The best option would be to store one blanket for the cold period for one family member and prospective guest..

Clothes are a special case

It is difficult to make similar demands on clothes, as in the case of bed linen, since many require a varied wardrobe for every day. But here it is worth starting from the principle «if I have not worn this for more than two years, then it should be thrown out.» Of course, you can not send everything to a landfill, but give it to a flea market, to the poor, or to a number of stores that recycle clothes. In any case, do not take up extra space with unnecessary things..

Kitchen planning

Count things for daily use. How many plates does your family need to dine? Count this amount and leave it exactly. Fold extra things for guests (but not more than necessary) in boxes and transfer for storage in a closet or a distant drawer. Limiting kitchen utensils will help your family members learn how to wash their dishes and not eat one curd with five tablespoons..

Plastic containers

Plastic containers require special attention. These things seem to multiply on their own, especially if you often have guests or relatives, in particular your beloved grandmother, love to supply you with salads. Go through all the containers, matching them with the existing lids. First of all, throw away everything, lids that do not have a container, and then all boxes without lids. Remember also that plastic is not very good in the long-term storage for food, as after a while it starts to release substances that are not good for health..

Special occasions are your passions

Book lovers, sportsmen, movie and music lovers, as well as all sorts of artists have a certain tendency to keep and collect things that are close to them. In such cases, it is required to curb the very method of storage and still, at least a little bit, but to limit the purchase of everything that comes to hand. If you are a collector, come up with a smart and organically aesthetic way to store your collectibles..

For this article, all photos are taken from the domosti website. Domosti is an Internet hypermarket of goods for home and summer cottages.