How to level the walls before finishing work: the recommendations of the masters

Whatever material it is planned to decorate the walls, you will first have to carry out preparatory measures. When properly understood, they can sometimes be even more complex than the finish itself. And first you need to remove previously used materials. If there is any dirt on the wall, wash it off well. Next, the base is assessed for the presence of mold and mildew..

If they are found, work is carried out to remove them, and then to subsequently dry the surface. Next, you need to apply antiseptics to the base, which will prevent the appearance of uninvited guests in the future. If there are any small cracks on the wall, it is necessary to seal the latter with plaster.

After that, you can cover the wall with a primer for better adhesion of subsequent materials to the surface. Now proceed to surface treatment with a starting putty. It is applied in one layer. After it dries, it is necessary to inspect whether any irregularities have appeared on the wall. If there is one, you need to walk over the surface with another layer of putty, but already less thick.

When the surface is dry, it must be primed again. Only then is the finishing layer of putty applied. It must be very subtle. After the wall is completely dry, you should go over its surface with sandpaper to remove all possible irregularities. Then you can start finishing.

This method can be called classic. But there is another, much simpler one. Besides, it can be implemented quite quickly. It is about using drywall. It is produced in the form of sheets that can be glued directly to the wall or fixed in a special frame. It is only necessary to close up the joints between different sheets with putty.

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