How to prepare your lawn for winter

Autumn is the time when you need to do some small work on your lawn to get it in shape and help it survive the few months of winter..

1. Remove trash

Clear your site. Layers of dead grass and foliage can build up on the surface of the soil, making it difficult to drain, encouraging moss germination, the appearance of fungi, and further obstructing grass growth. Remove all straw and other debris from your lawn in the fall. Rake all the excess from the site using a rake.

2. Make punctures in the soil

Using a garden fork or a garden aerator, puncture the entire lawn to ventilate the soil and improve drainage..

3. Fill in the potholes

Using a brush, spot dry fine sand in the punctured holes to prevent the holes from clogging. This will allow air and water to flow freely to the root zone. Use only sand for this purpose — from gardening shops.

4. Distribute the top dressing

Spread dry top dressing over the surface to help improve drainage and even out depressions. Use a brush or rake to spread the fertilizer evenly over the grass..