How to restore stone surfaces

Surfaces faced with natural stone need timely and constant care. However, even despite constant care, such surfaces, over time, begin to differ from their original appearance..

There are several options for modern technologies that allow the restoration of surfaces faced with natural stone. Such operations, as a rule, are carried out using rotary machines with various attachments. In addition to mechanical methods of grinding and polishing, chemical methods are also used. They are based on the chemical interaction of calcite, which is present in the composition of stones, with the aggressive environment of cleaning chemicals. The result of this interaction is the complete sealing of the pores of the upper layer of the stone surface. This process is called crystallization..

As a result of crystallization, the surface of the stone acquires luster and color saturation. In addition, this operation significantly increases the mechanical strength of the treated surface..

In future publications, we will talk about how to restore steel and wood. It will be useful for those who are going to install steel group doors, doors, reviews of which can be read on their website.