How to reward your team of employees without monetary rewards?

You have noticed that the business has begun to develop, but the profit is not yet large enough to please employees with bonuses. What to do to reward your team of specialists without offending them and motivating them to continue working at the right pace?

An office team that sells building materials well, communicates with clients about renovation services, finds people interested in design online, keeps in touch with potential buyers on social media, or even advises so well that the site is replete with reviews and deserves a reward. You have to show the staff how much you value their efforts (especially the overall ones) and motivate them to keep working. If you don’t have the finance to write out decent bonuses for everyone, don’t worry. In fact, cash incentives do not affect productivity and attitudes in the way that everyone thinks. The prospect and the possibility of a pay increase makes it better, but in general, monetary rewards should come at the right time for a person to associate them with their work. Most firms distribute bonuses at the end of the year or quarter, but people do not associate them with the severity of their work over the past period. They will definitely be offended if they do not receive bonuses, which will worsen their work and attitude in the future, but at the same time, having received bonuses, they will not work better in the future (also, maybe, but not better).

Leaders who want to reward their employees and stimulate their work should not only think about bonuses at the end of the year or quarter, but also about motivation in the process. So, recognition and encouragement can go a long way, but they really have to mean a lot. A diploma bought at a kiosk and signed «Thank you for a good job» looks like an insult and a person subconsciously may perceive it as an employer’s unwillingness to pay him for his work. However, many firms have specific incentive policies in writing. For example, notes in a corporate newspaper that is sent by mail. Small firms can celebrate the victories of their employees with cakes brought by their bosses. Moreover, praise should never sound like a banal «thank you». It should be an objective narrative. For example: «Over the past month, our sales manager Vasily Ivanovich sold more than 50 Samsung air conditioners, which is surprising, because suppliers assured me that Mitsubishi air conditioners will be on sale this month. Vasily surprised not only me, but also our partners. Of course, this will be reflected in Vasily’s bonuses at the end of the quarter, and to celebrate this event today, I laid a table with goodies in the conference room. renovation project. And I want to thank everyone who participated in this project and celebrate its successful implementation … «. Be careful with your words. If you forget someone or misjudge their work, they may be offended and feel that you do not appreciate them. For example, despite the fact that the renovation project is carried out by a huge team of workers and designers, there is a person who attracted a client to you — and this person is extremely important..

The promotion can be related to the schedule and the workplace. For example, if employees never let you down and work great, you can allow them to come and go at any time convenient for them, but with the completion of all working hours. In addition, you can ask the staff about their wishes for the office — play areas, armchairs, TV, etc. You don’t have to invest in an office renovation project (although it is desirable), but you can let the staff do something on their own. What’s more, many people find it more comfortable to work on the couch. If you trust an employee, let him sit on the couch with a laptop — do not chain him to the table.

You can also let employees work from home. If they work well, they will work well from anywhere in the world..

And another reward system is food. In fact, Forbes reports that employees feel valued when companies provide free meals. You may not regularly, but periodically buy food for the staff (for example, arrange pizza day on Friday or coffee day on Monday). By the way, you can reward the most effective teams with food..