How to start building a house?

If you decide to start any kind of construction, you need the appropriate documents confirming your right to the ownership of this land plot, where the owner must be indicated and the boundaries of the plot are marked. Traditionally, most gardeners start with building a house, but we recommend building a utility block or barn first. This is important, ask yourself a question: where will you store tools, building materials, work clothes, where can you hide from the rain and place a toilet? (in our article you can find information on how to build a utility block with your own hands). If there is a good road to your site, then you are in luck — you can deliver building materials without any problems. And if there is a pole near your site, to which a power line is connected, then you are completely lucky. It is necessary to agree with the electrical company in your area about the connection of electricity. After that, electricity meters will be installed at your expense, and you can install sockets to use the electrical tools you need for construction..

Site preparation on paper

Elementary site planning can be done by yourself, without the help of specialists. Despite the fact that you know the size of your site, you should still measure all sides with a tape measure again. Now we will draw a plot on paper, define and mark the places of buildings and cardinal points. All owners of plots on which they want to build must know the following norms: a distance of at least 3 meters is necessary so that there is a distance of at least 3 meters from the border of the site to the main building, between neighboring houses 6 meters and not less, from the house to the road must be more than 4.5 m, to the utility block and toilet — more than 7 meters. Place plantings and buildings so as not to shade the adjacent area. And best of all, get acquainted with the neighbors with whom your site borders, if they have not built anything yet, then together plan where to put houses and other buildings. The best option would be to combine the hozblok of two or 4 sections. This will greatly save usable space and exclude conflicts with neighbors. There have been cases when you placed a toilet in a secluded place, away from home, and behind the fence a neighbor built a recreation area or, say, a playground in this place. After all, this is already a reason for a quarrel, which can make the rest joyless, and the possession of the site too. Therefore, to keep the peace, talk to your neighbors about your plans. House projects can be purchased ready-made if there is no time for preparation.

Landscaping site preparation

We continue to divide your site into zones. It is advisable to make a recreation area in the front garden and fence it off from the road with a hedge, also on the north side of the house, where there is little sun. The territory of the playground can be located in a sunny place, but shaded, for example, by a spreading tree. Then install a sandpit, swing or sports corner and a pool there. You can plant a beautiful lawn for outdoor games. I am not specifically writing anything about the placement of a vegetable garden or garden in this article. It just became fashionable to acquire plots not for growing vegetables and berries there, but to have a rest. Although, it’s still nice to pick greens from the garden, a tomato for salad, therefore, where to find a place for the beds, you then decide for yourself.

The quality of the land on your site can be determined using special literature. If the soil is not very good, you can bring a couple of cars with peat or black soil to improve its characteristics. It already depends on the real conditions, and it is difficult to give advice on this matter. It will take a lot of work to grow a beautiful lawn, like in pictures in magazines or on TV. As soon as you decide where your lawn will be located, the ground will need to be dug up there and a special fertilizer for the lawn should be applied, then loosen the ground with a rake so that there are no holes, large clods of earth , bumps and stones. Imagine how you are lying on a fluffy lawn, and a stone rests on your back. Then sow the lawn and water it abundantly. Before you start sowing your lawn, carefully read the instructions on the packet. For more information on sowing a lawn, see our article. Now you need to determine a place to park your car, a place for temporary storage of building materials, fertilizers, land, etc., and an entrance area. The entrance area is very clearly visible from the road and, therefore, you need to think over its design carefully. Traditionally, it is sown with a lawn, flower beds and flower beds are usually located there. Of course, at first everyone has mistakes, but over time, new knowledge about plants and about the earth appears, experience and confidence comes.