In the near future, new amendments to the housing code of the Russian Federation will be approved

The end of 2011 will be marked by another package of amendments and improvements to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, developed by the Ministry of Regional Development.

One of the most interesting and important amendments in this package is the provision on the creation of a single regional complex for the full financing of houses at the expense of homeowners.

The minimum cost of repairs in them and the principles of spending funds are established by the regional authorities..

Today, owners of high-rise buildings pay 5 percent of the total contributions to such a fund. The rest of the payment is made only at the expense of the Housing and Utilities Reform Fund. Gradually, this percentage will change until its residents are completely self-sufficient..

Newly created funds of regional importance will need to be replenished with standard payments, even if the condition of the houses will differ several times. Other amendments are not so significant and mainly relate to some points in the regulation of the management functions of homeowners in apartment buildings.