Investment attractiveness of the capital Industry news

Moscow for the first time entered the top ten cities of the planet with significant investments in the real estate market. At the end of autumn, deals worth more than $ 3 billion were carried out, according to experts at the analytical center LaSalle Jones Lang..

The capital was able to achieve almost the same indicator with Washington, if we consider that the amount of transactions also includes an alarm that protects homes..

The top three cities are topped by New York with a total of almost $ 10 billion, London with an appreciable $ 9 billion and the French capital Paris with $ 6 billion..

Analysts believe that over the past year, investments in Russian real estate in the Moscow region were able to reach a record high, namely eight billion.

In the Russian Federation, investors pay a lot of interest to Moscow real estate. This region accounts for ninety percent of the total amount of Russian investments..

Moscow strives for leaders

Already this year, the city is showing results that promise to again get into the world ranking with a total of $ 8 billion. But there is a limited plan of institutional assets in the capital. The record was achieved due to the conclusion of large transactions, which have no analogues yet..

Today experts note that there are still prospects in Russia, because the warehouse market and regional shopping centers are rapidly developing..

Currently, less than six percent of real estate investments are invested in warehouses, but globally, this figure corresponds to thirteen percent..

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