K7 — programmable comfort

With the onset of the heating season, the question arises of how to heat your home if there is only electricity from the possible sources of energy ‘

It is possible to heat a house with an electric boiler, but such a system requires a rather large initial financial cost. This is the price of the boiler itself, its piping, circulation pump, expansion tank, radiators, supply pipes, fittings, etc. Moreover, the cost of installing such a system can be equal, and in some cases even exceed the cost of components. In addition, if water is used as a coolant, then in the event of a power outage, there is a possibility of defrosting the entire system and remaining without heat for an indefinite period.!

Currently, the heating system based on the use of electric convectors is becoming more and more widespread. The benefits of this system are already evident at the stage of putting it into operation. The total cost of convectors, as a rule, is comparable to the cost of an electric boiler alone, and the installation consists only in hanging the panels on the wall and connecting them to the power supply.

The heating elements of the convectors are enclosed in an aluminum sheath with fins, which significantly increases the heat transfer of the device and prevents oxygen from being burned out, i.e. does not dry the air. Therefore, when the convector is running, a person does not feel discomfort..

A wide range of capacities and sizes allows you to select the required type and number of convectors for heating each room. Moreover, each room has the ability to individually set the temperature, in the range from 5 to 30 ° C, which will not depend on the temperature settings in other rooms..

Modern Thermor convectors of the latest generation are equipped with two electronic control thermostats, which are able to maintain the set temperature with an accuracy of 0.2 ° C and, unlike mechanical ones, are absolutely silent in operation. With their help, you can set two operating temperature modes for each convector — the «comfort» mode and the «economic» mode..

At night, when we sleep, covered with a blanket, or during the day when we are not at home, high temperature is not required, therefore it is advisable to set the «economical» mode, in which the temperature is maintained at 15-17 ° С. The rest of the time we use the «comfort» mode, in which the temperature is maintained at 18-21 ° C. It must be understood that these temperature values ​​of the modes are rather arbitrary. They are installed individually for each room.

Almost each of us has our own individual well-established weekly routine, which we adhere to most days of the year. With the help of the K7 programmer, it is possible to automate the switching of temperature modes and adjust the operation of the convectors to your schedule.

As practice has shown, when using the K7 programmer, not only the comfort of using the convector heating system increases, but also significant (up to 30%) savings in energy costs are achieved..

The programmer has two programs corresponding to the rhythm of your life for every day and hour of the week. Installation of programs does not require any special knowledge and takes a few minutes. A program for each day of the week is selected and the programmer is installed in the convector.

If the premises in the house are used with approximately the same degree of intensity during the day, then there is no need to equip each convector with a programmer. In this case, the convectors are connected to each other in a single circuit with a pilot wire, and only one convector (master) is equipped with the programmer and it transmits the commands of the programmer to other convectors (slaves).

The specialists of Thermocapital company are always ready to give detailed advice on the packaging, installation, configuration and programming of heating systems based on convectors and Thermor programmers.