Laser cutting

This method of processing products belongs to the category of the most accurate and requiring the lowest costs, at the same time providing an even cut of any product.. Indeed, laser cutting is considered an advanced technology that has no analogues or alternative. Unlike processing by other methods, the laser allows you to perfectly accurately make samples of any shape — with the help of a laser, figured processing is also possible, which cannot be done with another tool.

In the advertising business, laser cutting is used quite actively — after all, here one of the requirements is the need to ensure smooth edges and make the advertising medium more effective. For advertising products made of plexiglass, the laser cutting option is optimal. High-quality and inexpensive laser cutting of plexiglass plastic and POS materials, which Studio Kvadrat offers, is a guarantee of exact compliance with the previously drawn up drawing. The cutting process is not complicated enough and, if the equipment is available, it is easy to carry out at any production site. At the same time, equipment for laser cutting of plexiglass and plastic is quite expensive and it is more optimal to contact specialized companies, where they provide services quickly and inexpensively..

Laser cutting of metal is also cheaper than other types of processing, experts say. Here you can also cut sheet metal as well as individual products of permissible characteristics..