Liquidation of enterprises

You can open an enterprise in a few days, and sometimes even within a day you can get a registration certificate — say lawyers. But those who have come across the process of liquidation of an enterprise may hurt that this process is not so fast and is often delayed for up to six months. Of course, the time of liquidation depends on how we act — either do this work on our own, or we turn to professionals, to lawyers..

In order to liquidate the enterprise, it is necessary to collect a complete package of documents. The best option is to contact a law firm, where they will help us complete the turnkey process and close the enterprise without unnecessary hassle. The liquidation of the enterprise and the closure of a state of emergency, sole proprietorship, LLC, JSC in Kiev and Ukraine will be carried out here by experienced specialists who will help to complete all the work quickly and without penalties. In order to liquidate a firm, an audit is often required. An audit is a rather difficult part of the general stage of work, since here we will have to interact with the fiscal authorities, with the tax authorities. Knowing about the desire of the tax authorities to fill the state budget by any means, you can be sure that a simplified procedure will not work.

If you carry out the liquidation through lawyers, then here all the worries will be taken by the professionals of the law and we will be provided with the final result.