Lumber classification

No construction is complete without carpentry. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of materials, it is necessary to thoroughly understand their quality, processing technology, and the conscientiousness of the manufacturer..

Lumber differs from each other in the way of application and durability of service. In general, they can be divided into several categories..

Edged and unedged sawn timber

Unedged boards or beams usually have two uncut edges. They are sharp and dull. Builders sometimes call this part wane. This happens as a result of the primary processing of the sawn wood on a processing machine. Occasionally, remnants of bark can be found on the edges. When buying lumber, it is better to avoid taking such boards, as they are most susceptible to rotting..

All these defects can be removed on your own using the simplest equipment..

Unedged board is used in the construction of load-bearing structures, guides and flooring.

The timber is usually edged on two or three sides. It is used in the construction of the frame, beams between floors.

Edged board is much more convenient to use, since the edges have already been sawn off..

It is important that all the geometry of the lumber is correct, the moisture content is within normal limits. Raw wood sooner or later deforms. The slab at the board should not be too much. All wood must be rot-free and have a minimum of knots.

Planed lumber

The wood during processing usually passes through a four-sided machine or jointer. As a result, boards or beams are planed..

Such lumber is widely demanded in construction and interior decoration of premises. This is not surprising, since planed wooden parts no longer have roughness, irregularities, bends. A person, running his hand over them, will no longer get a splinter, and the appearance of the board becomes much more attractive and smooth.

Planed wood is used in furniture production, carpentry.

During construction, additional processing of the planed timber or board is often not required, since the wood already looks good aesthetically. Modern country houses, which can often be seen in the vastness of our Motherland, look exactly like this. The beams are round, square and rectangular, which affects the heat capacity and beauty of the building facade. Since there is no need for further finishing, and the cost of planed wood is very low, building a house becomes very affordable..

The use of planed lumber has its own subtleties. Not every wood species is suitable for this. Larch is often used for flooring. Conifers are not suitable for baths due to exposure to high temperatures, as resin begins to release.

In all other cases, lumber is made from softwood. This is due to the fact that spruce and pine have a significant amount of resin, which protects the product from decay and mold. In order for wooden structures to serve as long as possible, they must be impregnated with special antiseptic solutions..

Non-planed boards or logs are also widely used in carpentry. Usually these are frame elements, floor beams, roof truss systems.

Calibrated lumber

Wooden construction in our time is difficult to imagine without calibrated beams, boards or logs. This is a very convenient way to prepare all the necessary parts for a quick construction of a house..

Calibrated timber dominates today among sawn timber. During the production process, it is given the required shape and size. The workers do not need to be engaged in fitting, they only have to assemble the log house. That is why timber is so popular. But it has its own varieties:

It comes in natural moisture and dry;

The timber can be profiled, glued;

It is made from different types of wood..

The calibrated board is ideal for any job. She has strictly specified dimensions, which is a great advantage when buying. The material can be used immediately for flooring, terraces. If the product is well dried, then it is ready for any work with wood..

A calibrated log is suitable for those looking to build a rustic house or sauna. Of course, the hands of a master are needed for the construction, but quality characteristics also play an important role. Logs are selected initially in size, are processed, they acquire the correct shape. The top layer is preserved, due to which the log can be used for longer.

Here, as with the purchase of any other sawn timber, it is also worth paying attention to the technological conditions in which the product is manufactured. By purchasing quality beams, boards or logs, you can be sure that the construction will be successful.