Making pots

The planter is a decorative vessel in which a pot with a plant is placed.. Therefore, it should be slightly larger than the pot itself. Most of the models are made of earthenware and ceramics. However, other materials are also suitable: plastic, metal, wood. Spectacular baskets made of chipboard, covered with plywood, wicker made of bamboo, vines, palm leaves, rattan. True, they allow water to pass through, so it is worth laying foil, film or installing a pallet on the bottom..

The most unexpected objects, such as a watering can or a galvanized bucket, can act as pots. Pseudo — antique brass pots sold in flower shops will look original. Another interesting solution is a transparent planter.

The pot with the plant is placed in a transparent container, which is 1-2 cm wider. The space between them is filled with river sand, coconut fibers, alder cones, beads or other decorative elements. The main thing is that the pots fit harmoniously into the interior..

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