Marketing tips for those who rent and provide services using it

Marketing is an important component not only of large companies and consumer goods. It is also needed by organizations that lease special equipment or provide services for its use, for example, truck crane services, excavation on the ground using excavators, a concrete mixer with an operator, and so on. It is very important to profitably position your company in the market in order to win more offers and at the same time strengthen the company’s reputation so that people talk about you.

For starters, you need to ensure that your reputation is clearly, succinct and consistent branding. It is very important to create a professional and consistent look for all aspects of your business. Provide the entire team with a uniform, and apply an easily recognizable logo to all equipment. If you don’t have a logo, you can order one from one of the advertising agencies, for example rsmj. The visual image is very important in every line and color detail, so you don’t need to draw a horse or a bunny out of your head just because you can do it yourself. The logo should be remembered and create a correct message of information. It is necessary to place the logo on business cards, trucks, cars, equipment, shirts of managers and helmets of workers, on the office door and on a plate in the office, even on paint cans, a coffee machine, not to mention mugs, pens and other souvenirs.

Further, it is worth using networks, networks and again networks. Of course, we are talking about VKontakte, Facebook and other social networks. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are a lot of them. The larger the social field that you cover with interesting information, the better. At the same time, the quality of the materials provided should be very good and belong to you. Nobody appreciates information thieves. Let it be better to steal information from you, as from the original source, than you are constantly caught on the duplication of other people’s thoughts. Do not forget to link a contact person to each account for communication and consultation.

Create newsfeeds as often as possible and send press releases to thematic resources. For example, right on our portal Proektstroy from your personal account, you can upload news about your company to the general news feed of the site. Of course, in order for them to be published, a number of rules must be observed — the text must be interesting and include useful information about a real event..

Refresh your site. In the modern world, it is a good website that is often a sales tool. A bad site can only harm your reputation. Many construction contractors are late for the digital age and either have an outdated version of the site or don’t have one at all. In some cases, the second option is even better than the first. A good website can be made for you by an advertising agency, for example, in rsmj. Working with an experienced marketing agency for the development of the site project will help you not only create a good «face» on the Internet, but also optimize the resource for better promotion in search services.

Constantly contact business partners and customers. Congratulate them on the holidays and give them souvenirs. Research the market and follow the updates in the news feed of those companies that have already resorted to your services. If you pay attention to the development of a new project, call and offer them to rent special equipment on favorable terms. First, they will be surprised because you sort of read their minds before they had a chance to call you. Secondly, imagine how they are formed, that you called (as a signal from above) and offered them what they were just going to look for, and even at a discount. This will reduce the likelihood that they will turn to your competitors. And if you also study the prices of competitors and offer more favorable conditions, you will always remain the winner in the fight for the client..

Track popular trends. Inserting and playing out the discussed news within the framework of your service is one of the forms of drawing attention to your company..

Make friends with editors and authors in construction publications (both print and online). They can write good things about you, or they can write bad things about you. Intrigue them with your service or news item, invite them to your event, or send them your new brochures. Like them and they will write about you.

Do good and feel good is a general term for all companies. Positive positioning affects your reputation. Donate and help in other ways you can. For example, some companies collect old things from employees and take them to help the poor or buy toys for orphanages. You can organize a football tournament for children or offer your service to a budgetary organization for free. All this, by the way, is one of the best informational reasons for a press release..