Modular building construction technology.

Among the many modern building technologies, the construction of modular buildings is becoming increasingly popular..  Modular buildings are in high demand because they find their application in a wide variety of activities: depending on the specified modification, they can serve as residential, utility or utility rooms.

Modular building construction technology is simpler and more economical than traditional capital construction technology. And this is another reason for the increasing demand for modular buildings in various fields of application..

What are the advantages of a modular building in comparison with capital building structures? There are several such advantages.

Firstly, modular buildings are erected much faster than capital structures. This is their quality is called — quick erection..

Secondly, modular buildings are easily modified at any stage of construction. If necessary, you will not be able to disassemble an ordinary structure (for example, made of brick) without prejudice to the structure itself and its functionality. A modular building is easy not only to assemble, but also to dismantle (in whole or in part); you can also change its configuration and area — in the direction of both its increase and decrease.

Thirdly, due to the possibility of such a diverse transformation, modular buildings allow you to implement many planning options, taking into account both the characteristics of the territory, and the specific purpose of the room, and the customer’s wishes for the appearance of the building..

All this becomes possible because the structural unit of a modular building is a block-container, which itself is a ready-made room for almost universal use..

The basis of the block container is a rigid welded frame, manufactured at the factory. This metal frame is particularly robust, so that block containers can be stacked one on top of the other without fear of collapse or any deformation of the structure. Block containers allow you to erect modular buildings in several floors (usually this is a structure up to three floors in height).

Block-containers intended for the construction of a modular building can be manufactured without one or two walls — according to the desired layout — and already directly on the construction site, all the constituent elements of a modular building are quickly and easily connected to each other. Thanks to this, the installation of a modular building is relatively easy and does not require a large number of workers..

All of the above factors — quick erection, the possibility of transformation and various layouts, ease of installation — make modular buildings profitable for the customer in terms of price. Moreover, the low price does not in any way affect the quality and comfort of the building..

Modular buildings imply their equipment with plumbing and sewerage, allow you to build a stove or water heating boiler (depending on the functional purpose of the building). Also, modular buildings are distinguished by high quality thermal insulation, which turns out to be important, for example, when using such a structure as temporary housing for people at a construction site or in a summer cottage. The interior and exterior decoration of the premises can also be varied; in this case, first of all, the wishes of the customer are taken into account.

Manufacturing and construction company LLC PBK-Service has many years of experience in the design and construction of modular buildings that meet all quality requirements, as well as environmental, sanitary and hygienic and fire safety standards. The technology of modular building construction, brought to perfection by the company’s specialists, allows the installation of the building in the shortest possible time and is guaranteed to exclude any defects and malfunctions.

LLC «PBK-Service» is ready to offer the construction of modular buildings for various purposes (industrial, commercial, household, etc.) both according to the finished project and according to the customer’s project.