Nido House Cardboard Houses for Homeless and Refugees

When you hear that someone lives in a cardboard house, you tend to imagine a homeless person.. But Nido House decided to make the concept of cardboard houses more attractive than you traditionally imagine. Nido House can be used as quality cheap housing for the homeless.

The Nido House is being built in three sizes: 16 sqm, 19.6 sqm, and 23.2 sqm. The house can be completely redesigned. It is made from cardboard elements; there is a compost toilet inside; the house has a rainwater collection system. In addition to being used as homeless housing, the tiny Nido Houses can also be used as temporary offices, guest houses, and holiday homes. The design firm also sees these houses as refugee havens, although if the designers want to position them as refugee homes, they will have to prove that they are strong and reliable enough..

The walls of the house are made from a cardboard core, which is covered with a protective film and vinyl covering made from recycled plastic.