Ninewin casino reviews: a source of reliable information for gambling lovers

When choosing an online casino, you need to find a resource that operates according to transparent rules, talks about its position in the jurisdiction of a particular country, and provides other information. There are many different companies, ranging from honest gambling establishments to outright scammers. To make the right choice, you should read reviews about one of these Ninewin casinos.

Casino reviews

Statistics are kept on the website where casino reviews are posted. In total, 165 ratings were given for Ninewin in the ratio of excellent — 67%, good — 10%, 2% of respondents rated the establishment as three and two, and another 21% gave the lowest score — one.

Among the positive reviews, users note the following features:

  1. A large number of varied and interesting slot machines.
  2. The friendliness and responsiveness of the site staff.
  3. Friendly customer service.
  4. Good winning percentage and withdrawal options.
  5. There are also many reviews containing the phrases “excellent site”, “convenient platform”, but without deciphering what is behind these definitions.
  6. The complaints of users who gave unsatisfactory ratings essentially boil down to two reasons:
  7. The casino does not pay out winnings.
  8. If the client begins to insist on his rights, then his account is blocked and it is impossible to withdraw his own money from the deposit.

The latter fact, if it occurs, is a gross violation of the rules of operation of online casinos, and raises strong suspicions regarding the gambling establishment.

Conclusions after studying reviews

Messages need to be divided into two types. The first are reviews where the user’s nickname or fictitious name is indicated. The latter have more accurate information about the user and make it possible to make assumptions about the real person who sent the review.

It seems that all the positive responses were written by bots, or by paid people. There are no specific facts here, only general phrases or names of slots that are available in almost any online casino. This is what is alarming about the reviews.

Negative reviews are more specific and contain facts. The casino administration reacts only to positive reviews, trying not to notice or react to negative ones.

Analysis of the messages allows us to conclude that a smaller proportion of negative messages are justified, and the majority of positive ones were written by bots. Therefore, it is worth following the recommendations given by users who gave unsatisfactory ratings.