Office building in Europe

A new, 92-meter-high complex of gentle, undulating curves marks the Groningen skyline. This asymmetrical, aerodynamic structure is set amid a small, ancient woodland, protecting rare and protected species. The project includes the design, construction and financing of two government agencies; national tax offices and student loan administration. The Commission from the RGD (National Buildings Service) includes, in addition to architecture, management and logistics of construction and care of amenities and services for a period of 20 years. Housed in 2,500 workstations, parking for 1,500 bicycles and 675 vehicles in an underground garage, the building will be surrounded by a large public public garden with a pond and a multi-functional pavilion with commercial functions. The architecture aims to give these establishments a softer, more human and accessible profile. Tall buildings are commonly associated with mid-twentieth century modernism.

Their edgy, business-like appearances contain powerful, inaccessibly seeming strongholds. In contrast, DUO and the Tax Offices deliberately hide the government agency in an organic, friendlier and more future-oriented form. “The project contains numerous new ideas related to material savings, lower energy costs and more supported working environments. This represents a fully integrated lean design approach to sustainability. ”- Ben van Berkel The project is one of Europe’s most supported large new office buildings. The RGD summary has prescribed a future-proof building that combines flexibility and sustainability with an aesthetic of moderation. The architectural response to this was to strive for a comprehensive understanding of the concept of sustainability, including energy and material use, as well as social and environmental factors. Thus, sustainability translates into reduced energy consumption (EPC 0.74), as well as significantly reduced material consumption. The return of floor heights from 3.60 m to 3.30 m resulted in a total reduction of 7.5 m throughout the building, which also reduces the building’s environmental impact. Both inside and outside the architecture generates a bioclimate that is beneficial for both people and local flora and fauna. FinsSustainability and energy reduction governed the design of the facade, which contains technical installations that are adapted to be durable and cause minimal environmental impact. The façade concept integrates shading, wind control, daylight penetration, and construction into financial form elements. These horizontal fins store a large amount of heat outside the building, reducing the requirement for cooling. Specific Basic Activation Another technical function of the building that contributes to its sustained symbol is the combination of specific basic activation and underground long term energy storage. This significantly reduces the requirement for an external power source..

Separate climate control for each workspace Creating a healthy, energy-efficient indoor climate and employee comfort was also an important element in the project. Plenty of natural daylight and adjustable heating, ventilation and access to fresh air for individual workspaces contributes to the comfort of workspaces throughout the building 11th floor High pressure ventilation system with natural ether inflow and outflow through main technical shafts and façade grills on 11th floor reduces floor the need for artificial ventilation. Future Opportunities In addition, the residual energy of the data center and offices can be used to heat houses that will be understood in the future in the perimeter of the site. Flexibility Last but not least, the building is designed so that it can be converted to a hull in the future without major structural modifications. Therefore, the locations of elevators, stairs and technical gaps were carefully considered and the 1.20 m structural grid was deployed rather than the standard 1.80 m office grid..


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