Particle edges

First, the first forming machine will lay the face layer (each face layer is the entire thickness of the carpet), then the second and third machines will lay the middle layer (the thickness of the carpet thickness). After that, a special brush evens out the chip layer and partially removes it to a predetermined thickness. The removed shavings are sent back to the hopper of the middle layer forming machines. Then the second face layer is applied by the machine..

When the place where the gap between the pallets is blocked by the plate comes up to the saw, the carpet is pressed on top with a plate of the same width and two saws make two cross-cuts. A piece of carpet is cut in such a way that the pallets protrude 6-7 cm beyond the chip layer.The cut-out section of carpet cm wide is dropped into the pneumatic transport receiver, and the pallets with the chip layer go to the scales to control the weight of the board and then to the cold press for cold pre-pressing.

The edges of the chip layer are clamped with longitudinal beams and cut with two circular saws. The slabs are transferred by a transverse five-chain conveyor to a second longitudinal line parallel to the first. Here, their surface with the help of nozzles is sprayed with water or paraffin emulsion, after which the pallets are loaded into a lifting rack, then fed into a press.

Finished slabs are unloaded onto a stack. A special device separates the pallet slabs, after which the latter are moved along the conveyor through a special installation, where they are blown with air, and then sprayed with water or paraffin emulsion by nozzles and transferred again to the conveyor by a transverse conveyor to form a carpet.

In the event that the conveyors are filled with pallets, the latter are automatically loaded into the storehouse, from where they can be fed to the conveyor as needed. The finished slabs undergo control weighing on the scales and are placed on a lifting table, from where a forklift transports them to the warehouse for aging in dense stacks. After curing, the slabs are cut and sanded on both sides on a semi-automatic machine line.

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