Reduction of working hours

Approximate calculation of the average duration of the next vacation of a worker.

Absenteeism of workers in connection with the performance of state duties includes the time spent by the worker on the performance of the duties of deputies, people’s assessors of the court and on participation in congresses, conferences, commissions for mobilizing transport for the period of the harvesting company, on military duties, etc. Average the duration of these absenteeism in the plan is determined based on the study of the reported data.

The number of days of absenteeism per worker due to illness is planned to be no higher than the level of reported data for the past, with the exclusion of absenteeism caused by traumatic incidents. In order to reduce absenteeism for these reasons, the projected measures to improve the health of workers and to improve the sanitary and hygienic working conditions are taken into account. Absenteeism for any reasons not provided for by law are not planned, despite the fact that they are reflected in the reporting data.

In this regard, the labor plan should take into account an additional staff of workers to replace those who are absent during illness, vacations, etc. This additional staff together with the attendance constitutes the planned contingent of workers or their list..

The basis for calculating the planned payroll of workers is the balance of the use of working time, which is the calculation of attendance and absenteeism for work on average per one payroll worker. The structure of such a balance is different for different groups and professions of workers, since the conditions for the schedule of working hours and the regime of individual workshops and production sites are different..

Separate workshops and production areas of the building materials industry, according to the conditions of the technological process, must work around the clock and continuously (artificial dryers for ceramic products, curing chambers, etc.).

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