Renovation in a modern bathroom

Every day someone in the world decides to renovate the bathroom. Perhaps this is because people spend more and more time in this room and come to the conclusion that they are not too happy with the old boring design or want to get more comfort from the bath procedures. All reasons are reasonable, but no matter what prompted people to renew their bathroom, the end result is different every year. Trends and great advances in materials and plumbing are constantly changing the face of the modern bathroom. If you feel like you want to make your bathroom renovation in line with the latest fashion trends, then here are the top things to consider..

1. Are you sure this is a bathroom?

The first trend in bathroom design is to create an interior that does not at all resemble a standard bathroom interior. People want the exterior of the bathroom to be compatible with the rest of the home. For this, materials and elements are selected that are usually not accepted to be placed in the bathroom. For example, wood floors, chairs, coffee tables, sofas, stepladders instead of dryers, and so on. This also applies to the decor, for which they choose not paintings with a marine theme or ducks, but something radically removed from water and bath procedures..

2. Wood and white are simple combinations

Another modern trend is the combination of white and natural wood colors. This concept replaces the contrast of white and black tiles, which, frankly, has been in use for too long and has become quite boring. Wooden floors (most often waterproof laminate) are combined with white furniture and walls painted in plain colors. Taking into account the availability of ventilation, waterproofing and the ability of the owners not to leave puddles on the floor, such solutions are simple, convenient and cheaper than finishing with ceramic tiles.

3. Vintage design

Recently, kitchen designs in the style of Italian classics, shabby chic or traditional rustic style have been in vogue. And gradually, this trend moved into the bathrooms. Taking into account the features that we highlighted in the second paragraph, such bathroom interiors are quite appropriate in a world with modern building materials and pieces of furniture..

4. Shower without walls

When shower cabins appeared on the Russian market, they were immediately placed within the fashion trend. Then, following what popular designers were doing in the best homes in the US and Europe, people saw how they could make their own shower with less investment. By making a floor drain and a slight invisible slope with simple tiles and installing screens or shower doors, you can create a great shower space. It is simpler and more convenient than a bulky shower stall. And if you need hydromassage, it is enough to buy the appropriate shower heads and shower strips. But today, people are even removing screens and doors in shower stalls. It’s even simpler and more fashionable. Why create unnecessary piles if the entire bathroom floor is covered with waterproofing, and water somehow flows into the drain hole?

5. Skylights, a bath on the balcony … or just a window

Natural lighting of a bathroom in a city apartment is almost unrealistic, but when building a country house, you yourself control your desires. A bathroom window is a common feature in many Western homes. In addition, bathrooms made on the balcony or under the roof of the house are now gaining popularity. In the first case, part of the bath or jacuzzi is brought out onto the balcony so that you can splash under the light of the sun. The second option also requires skylights or skylights installed directly below the bathroom. The effect that is achieved in all these ways is to lie in the bath and look at the sky..

6. Mirror lighting

The bathroom should have good lighting. Recently, requirements have also been imposed on electrical wiring in the bathroom in order to output individual wires for connecting LED lamps to the mirror. The ideal option is a mirror in the style of dressing rooms..

7. Toilet with double flush

This trend should be attributed to the fashion for ecology. Double draining allows you to control the flow of water. In other words, why waste more water when you only have a small need.?

If you are renovating your bathroom, you probably need specialists who can help you. Do not hesitate to contact specialized companies that can offer experienced craftsmen to carry out installation work. In St. Petersburg, one of these companies is Kudesnik-Stroy.