Rent of tower tours from the Rikplast company

A construction tower-tour is a type of metal structure that is designed to perform various works at a height, while it remains possible to move it.

Working at heights using stepladders, as is usually the case, is quite dangerous. The use of the tower-tours is completely safe, in addition, it is possible to take various building materials and tools with you, installing them on the working floor.

The well-thought-out design of such metal structures makes it possible for it to withstand heavy loads, since the towers are equipped with wheels with support screws. Thanks to this, such devices are quite mobile, so they can be easily moved from place to place..

A rental tower — Rikplast — can be easily assembled and disassembled; its installation does not require any special tools or special preparation. To assemble such a tower-tour up to 5 meters high, one person will need no more than 20 minutes.

These types of metal structures for performing various works at height differ from each other in the size of their working platform, maximum height, boundary load capacity, as well as the installation height of the working platform..