Sauna made of environmentally friendly material

For a long time, the traditional Russian bath was considered one of the best ways to quickly restore the body’s defenses or restore lost health to a person.. Many legends and ancient Slavic customs are associated with the bath, which even now remain extremely relevant. Adherence to ancient traditions and the old way of life does not prevent us from giving due credit to the achievements of modern science. However, when the question of which bathhouse to build on your site becomes acute, even those who have appreciated the latest construction technologies cannot deny that the best building material for a bathhouse is natural wood. Bathhouses made of rounded logs, which are often seen in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and the region, not only have excellent indicators in energy efficiency, durability and environmental friendliness, but can become the main decoration of any estate due to a beautiful design or original execution of a log house. You can always buy a turnkey log bath at an inexpensive price, because most of the companies that are engaged in the construction of baths in St. Petersburg and the region are ready to offer standard options or work on an individual order, taking into account the wishes of the client. The advantages of rounded logs When building a beautiful and warm bath, the preferred material is rounded logs. It has the unique properties and warmth of natural wood, while its structure is more uniform and even than that of an untreated tree trunk. For the bath, calibrated logs with a diameter of 200 millimeters with a traditional moon-shaped groove are often used. The main advantages of using rounded logs for the construction of a log house are: • Ideal and even shape of the material for the walls, which cannot be obtained by manual processing of wood; • Mechanized machining allows to cut grooves with high accuracy, while significantly reducing the time of frame box installation; • The cost of rounded logs, although it seems relatively high, however, the use of such a building material does not require additional internal finishing work, which will significantly save financial resources, and the relatively low weight of such a structure allows you to limit yourself to the arrangement of a light foundation; • Low thermal conductivity, ecological purity of natural material allow creating a unique microclimate in the room, which has a positive effect on human well-being. Features of construction Even using processed logs or ready-made timber, the construction of a bath is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, which, in the absence of minimal skills or construction experience, is almost an unrealistic task, therefore, it will be much easier to buy a bath from a turnkey log — inexpensively and much faster … Moreover, like other types of professional work, the construction of baths has many nuances and subtleties, only knowing which, you can build a really good log house. So, for the construction of a bath, it is better to use wood from the northern regions, and it is harvested precisely in the winter. Such a building material will not crack and change its original shape from a sharp temperature drop or excessive humidity, which is inevitable for a bath. It is preferable to use coniferous wood, which, when heated, also emits a fragrant resin with antibacterial properties. In order to improve the performance properties of the wood and eliminate the occurrence of mold or mildew, the logs are subjected to additional treatment with professional chemical compounds, which will help not only significantly increase the ultimate life of the bath, but also give the wood exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, you can build a good bath, which will become a source of harmony with nature and will last for many years. In addition, there are many companies that are ready to offer the services of qualified specialists..